Redeem voucher - this is how it works

You can redeem your personal voucher code under "mode of payment & dispatch" (step 3). Please make sure to type in all numerals and letters including hyphens. The voucher will be redeemed by clicking the "continue" button and then is displayed at the final step of your order (step 4: "check & send order").

Important information regarding the use of vouchers

As a rule all vouchers are shopping or value vouchers, which can only be redeemed in connection with a corresponding order (also via phone or in writing).
Depending on the form of the specific voucher, with your personal voucher code you will also receive information about a possibly necessary minimum order value (value of ordered goods minus returns) and the respective term of validity of the voucher (term during which the voucher must be redeemed).

A cash refund is generally impossible. Only one voucher redeemable per order.