Security - protection of your personal information

1. When does OBOY use and process personal information?
We know that it is very important to you that your personal information is handled carefully. Since data protection therefore has top priority with OBOY, we closely follow the legal provisions of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz and the Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz when collecting, processing and using data. In general you can visit our website without disclosing any personal information. In some cases, however, we need such information from you, i.e.:

Your information helps us to personalize and constantly improve your shopping experience with OBOY. We use personal information in order to process orders, deliver goods, verify solvency, process payment, prevent abuse of our website and to inform you about orders, articles, services and offers.

In order to be able to contact you easier and faster than by mail we ask you to let us have your email address. Of course we will only use it for promotional purposes if you have expressly allowed this.

2. How does OBOY protect your personal information?
When you sign up for sweepstakes, order a catalog or place an order your personal data is transferred to us. In order for them not to fall into the wrong hands we encrypt them with the SSL method (Secure Socket Layer). At present we are using the specially secure protocol SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (high). This is now the prevalent and safest data transfer method in the internet. It is always used by OBOY whenever sensitive data are being transferred.

3. How do I recognize a "secure connection" via "SSL"?
Usually you can recognize a secure connection via a key or a symbol of a locked padlock in the lower status row of your browser window.

Our online shop uses so-called "frames" in its layout. Each "frame" includes a separate page. Since only the order pages proper, but not the complete range of goods in our online shop are encrypted via SSL, the browser will show the symbol of an open padlock.

Nonetheless you can verify that we are processing your information encrypted with SSL.
To do so right-click on the page where you are asked for your personal information and select the following option from the menu:

4. Why does OBOY use cookies?
Basically cookies are not necessary for using our online shop. Nevertheless the system tries to create a cookie when you enter the online shop the first time. This cookie does not save any personal information and only serves to maintain the shopping cart for 12 hours after leaving the online shop. This way you can easily continue shopping at a later time without having to setup your shopping cart once more. If you have deactivated cookies or refuse to accept them then this function is not available to you. Despite this, however, the online shop is fully functional. It is impossible to create personal user profiles from a cookie that has been accepted.

5. What does OBOY do with your personal information?
Data necessary for the business transaction are recorded and may where appropriate and in the course of processing the order be passed on to affiliated companies. Data thus passed on may only be used by the recipient in discharge of his duties.
During the term of the customer relationship and the existence of the rescindable customer account and in order to verify solvency your address and credit data will be referred to the Infoscore AG, further economics information services as well as, where appropriate, to the Schufa, 65203 Wiesbaden. In addition we will use and process your address and order data both for our own and for other marketing purposes and to this end will pass on these data to third parties. Data processing will respect your personal privacy in accordance with the legal provisions and will use your data in an admissable way only.
You may of course prohibit the use of your data for promotional purposes at any time. In this case please notify us in writing at: OBOY Retail GmbH, Datenschutzbeauftragter, Gewerbebogen 11, 85661 Forstinning.

6. Why does a credit assessment help you?
The data of every new customer registering with OBOY are checked for a negative Schufa entry. All credit assessments are made in order to eliminate any problems regarding the payments.

The exchange of data between OBOY and the Schufa and further economics information services hence protects the companies against damages, which would have an impact on the sales prices in the long run. So you profit as well from an assessment of the customer data for this purpose.